Design Alliance Architects is a Saint Louis-based architectural studio dedicated to transforming communities with high-quality design through relationships and diversity.

The practice was established in 1980, with a strong design ethos and recognition of our professional duty to deliver creative, workable, and cost-effective solutions on all our projects.

The work of Design Alliance Architects is to deliver design excellence within the control of budget and program. We manage projects to achieve optimum architectural quality, efficient use of resources, and best value. We understand the importance of dialogue with the people who invite us to design their buildings, to ensure the delivery of a project that aligns with the delivery expectations. We believe that our projects are undertaken with continuity of thought within the design process. The practice commits itself to any project we undertake, for the benefit of the project and our clients.

With projects in the Midwest and South, we are a company that brings special knowledge, experience, and expertise to any project; the founding partners of Design Alliance Architects bring a combined experience of over forty years of industry experience in design and construction management.


At the root of good architecture, you find a good relationship. Our job is to have a visual dialogue with you, and that dialogue leads to a team relationship. We start by listening to what your needs are and creatively looking at those needs from every conceivable angle so that we can present unique solutions to you and your team.

The community is important to us. There’s a reason we are located in the heart of the “Delmar Divide”, the national-known Delmar Blvd that divides the Saint Louis community. Our intention is to close the gap in this division, to be a bridge in the community. Our office is always open to the community to host neighborhood meetings in our conference room and to welcome kids from the neighborhood to see what is to be an architect.

We analyze every project through different views, minds, and ideas. Our studio is composed of a variety of people with different talents, from an open-minded, out-of-the-box mentality to a down-to-earth analytic and technical mind. We are not married to one particular style of architecture, rather, we approach every project as having its own unique identity. We celebrate our multicultural studio environment. We are a mix of different cultures, nationalities, and languages. In our studio, it is not rare to hear somebody speaking in Spanish, French, or Italian.

Our memberships

American Institute of Architects

Minority Business Enterprise

The National Organization of Minority Architects

U.S. Green Building Council

National Council of Architectural Registration Boards