Senior Living

St Louis Design Alliance has a strong background in the design of senior living communities having worked with a variety of organizations and owners both in the for-profit and non-profit world. We have had the opportunity to work across a spectrum from low-income and moderate projects to high-end luxury developments. This breadth of experience has given us the perspective and flexibility to create communities that meet a variety of circumstances and market conditions. Our senior living work dates back to 1991. We have been active in the market since that time and have grown in our knowledge and understanding as the industry has changed. We continue to stay current in the market trends. Our experience spans coast to coast. We are well versed in non-profit work – both high and low end.

We are also familiar with the many methods of funding and financing developments. Funding mechanisms have included conventional bank financing, FHA insured loans, HUD funding, LIHTC funding, foreign investment, and private equity. While the architect doesn’t necessarily interface with the “funder,” we have found it to be a plus for the development to have an architect that understands the complexities of funding a deal.

We work at serving our clients. It is our job to help you create a development that meets your goals, looks and functions the way you want it to and can be built within your budget.